Thank You Holly & Phil

December 18, 2016

Holly and Phil on This Morning were doing a feature on great gifts for Christmas.  We knew that some of the press had requested samples of some of our products (they always do, but they rarely get featured).  We asked This Morning if they were going to use our gifts but they never confirm just in case features get cancelled or don't happen.  So since Holly and Phil "declared their love for our marble cooler and ice" our lives have not been the same!!!

The phones and website literally went into meldown and our fabulous Marbletree team watched in wonder at the number of people logging on and checking out of our site.  It was amazing how quickly people react to a feature on TV, the first orders came in 2 minutes after the feature, within 20 minutes we had more orders than we have ever had  in a week !!!!  

For the last week we haven't  done anything apart from work through orders, print labels,  engrave, wrap and pack throughout the long days and nights.  DPD have been fabulous and quickly sent us another printer ( we couldn't get labels off quick enough!!) and last Thursday they had to send us in an extra van to take away the parcels.

So a huge huge thank you to all our amazing customers who have supported us and hung on in there when we have been slow at taking calls and answering emails,  to our fabulous team, who still haven't done their own Chrismas shopping!  and finally to Holly and Phil for making us busier than we ever could have dreamed of when we started Marbletree sat at the kitchen table a few years ago.

By Thursday 23rd December all our orders will have been despatched and we will sit in the workshop with a very large glass of something Fizzy toasting you all.

Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and New Year - we will be back in the workshop on January 9th designing  lots of lovely new products for the New Year.

The Marbletree Team xxx   (Jayne, Chris, Mark, Rachel, Suzanne, Al, Will, Paul, Dave, Heidi, Andy, Jane, Andrea and all our new friends who, at the last minute, came to help us this week)


Written By: Jayne Little

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