Remember Your Pet Forever With a Memory Slate

September 24, 2014

We believe pets are part of the family. Be it a cat, dog, rabbit or something more unusual, our pets provide hours of entertainment, unconditional love and are seemingly always happy to see us. Sadly, the happiness a pet brings cannot last forever.

Our beloved dog ‘Molly’ used to love walks on the beach and would often take a dip in the sea on our visits. When she passed away we engraved a small piece of slate with a special message for her and threw it out to sea.

Like most owners will tell you, the years go by far too quickly and it can feel like only yesterday since you first brought them home.

Losing a pet can be devastating. The feeling of loss never really goes away, but we take comfort in the memories made and keep their photos in pride of place. We still have a special memory slate on our windowsill - where our cat would sit everyday, just watching the world go by - as cats do.

Our pet memory stones started out as a personal way of enabling our family to commemorate our pets and mark their last resting place. Since then, we have had a few requests from friends and family to make them available on our website too - which is where you’ll find them.

Hand crafted from beautiful Lake District slate, our memory stones make a lovely keepsake. Our Marbletree family have created a memory slate for every pet we have lost: we created a slate for our dear dogs Meg and Molly and our cat Sooty.


Written By: Jayne Little

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