For Dads that Rock

June 03, 2016

Marble ice is a unique way to chill your drinks and they look the part too. Available in either white or dark marble they make the perfect gift for Father’s Day. The dark cubes can be personalised so there’s no mistaking whose drink it is!  There are 6 marble ice cubes in each box, unsuprisingly at this time of year our most popular engraving is DAD or DADDY.

Easy to use you just place the marble ice in the freezer and then pop them in your drink. 

Marble Stone has superior thermal mass giving it the natural ability to retain its' temperature for extended periods of time. The natural properties of marble keep the cubes cold, chilling the drink whilst not diluting it, making it perfect for whisky and spirits.

Marble Stone is non-porous, odourless, and tasteless. It will not absorb odours from your freezer like ice cubes do.

What would Aladdin Senior like to do in his man cave this Father's Day? He’d like to kick back with his Whisky and his favourite ‘Marble Ice’ to keep his drink chilled. It is a must-have for that special man in your life.












Written By: Jayne Little

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