Chocolate Easter Apples

March 31, 2018

Easter chocolate apple fun for the kids & their friends! When the house is full of holiday playdates this is an easy craft & kitchen group activity.  
Here is what you need;
A marble board or a sheet of greaseproof paper
Apples from your fruit bowl
Wooden plant labels (same number as apples)
A couple of big bars of chocolate (plain milk or dark)
toppings of your choice or whats in the cupboard! (We used chocolate sprinkles, mini marshmallows and chocolate curls)
Felt tip pencils or bright crayons

Here we go;
We start with the craft, colour-in and decorate the wooden plant labels. 
Then push the labels into the apples. 
Break up the chocolate into small blocks and gently melt by placing the bowl over a simmering pan of water (water not to touch the underside of the bow but enough eater not to boil dry)
Carefully stir and don’t overheat as soon as the blocks are nearly all gone take off the heat and continue stirring. 
Next dip the apples into the chocolate, swirl into all the toppings (we put each topping in a mini marble bowl) 
Finally stand the apple onto your marble board (which is perfect for chocolate work as won’t stick to the surface) or greaseproof paper. 
Leave to cool then enjoy!

Written By: Jayne Little

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