A Great British Weekend

June 09, 2016

  • Chris celebrating a Great British Weekend
  • Mark celebrating a Great British Weekend

The team fully intend to kick back and relax this weekend.  Here's what we are all going to be doing....... 

Heidi (our creative genius) is going to be making  her all time favourite party food for her scrumptious picnic in the garden  - Chorizo and Quail Scotch Eggs.  They are both decadent and divine.

Jane  (our lovely lady who makes sure that we have remembered what we have all forgotten to do) and I will be putting up miles of union jack bunting for the village school celebrations and sharing Jane's  newly discovered recipe of Pablo's Chicken from the lovely Hemsley and Hemsley sisters. She made it last week and has been raving about it ever since!   

Chris (my lovely brother and co founder of Marbletree)  will be, as usually found at the weekend, out on the traction engine, cooking bacon and eggs on the shovel!

Mark (our fabulous showman!) will still be in hot and sunny Cornwall at the Royal Cornwall show.  We will all be raising a glass to him and,  hopefully, he will get home in time to enjoy England v Russia on Saturday night and wont be too hungover if England win to enjoy his street party on Sunday.

psst ....Did you know that at Buckingham Palace Garden Party, the guests drink 27,000 cups of tea and treat themselves to 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake?!

Whatever the size of your gathering this weekend, have a GREAT BRITISH WEEKEND. We would love to see your pictures on facebook next week.......


Written By: Jayne Little

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  • Charlie  June 09, 2016
    Can't wait we are having a good old fashioned street party on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend ......

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